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...it’s not stressful when you sell with Sandersons by your side.

We have a reputation for being somewhat “to the point”. That’s because you need to know the facts, in order to make educated decisions when it comes to the marketing of your property. We are open, honest, professional and frank with our clients. Big on communication between buyer and seller, Sandersons take the anxiety out of the equation to leave everyone feeling completely satisfied with the final outcome.

We know it is our clients who we are working for and we go the extra mile to ensure we maximise the value of one of your biggest assets – your home. Perhaps now is not the right time to sell – we will tell you. Perhaps you have improvements to do to achieve the right price – we will tell you. Perhaps you don’t know what your next move should be – we will help you work it though.

Whether you’re buying or selling a coastal property, Sandersons provide a fresh and friendly service... one based on good, old fashioned values where clients take top priority... making your journey through the whole process one of ease.

About Shelley Anderson

If you are looking for a premium coastal property specialist with an outgoing, modern approach who will exceed your highest expectations, you need look no further than Sandersons Realty Ltd. Whether you’re buying or selling coastal property, Sandersons provides a fresh and friendly service that makes your journey through the process one of ease.

Shelley Anderson, owner and energy behind Sandersons, has a proven track record in sales, marketing and customer service spanning many years here and in Australia. It is this experience, her coastal knowledge and business acumen that she utilizes to guide and assist clients through the process of buying and selling property.

Shelley believes in good, old fashioned values and her clients take top priority. She’s big on communication between buyer and seller, taking the anxiety out of the equation and leaving everyone feeling completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Over the past twenty years Shelley has worked hard to reach her goals and become a licensed estate agent. Initially centered around the Tutukaka Coast and now expanding to the Whangarei District, Shelley still applies the same work ethic for all her clients.

Contact Shelley today or visit her upmarket premises at The Tutukaka Oceans Resort, Tutukaka to discuss your property needs and experience the true meaning of “customer service”. Sandersons invites you back again and again and promises to make each visit a complete success.

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