Sandersons are specialists in selling Premium Property.

That doesn’t mean that we only sell the high end stuff. Premium means special… and we know how to make your property really special.

In our exclusive book “Twenty-One Things You Really Ought To Know To Sell A House Successfully” we guide you through some of the basics to get you on the way. They may be basic – but they are REALLY IMPORTANT!

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We saved the last of the 21 Things for here!




You want someone representing you to the market who knows their stuff.

That means, they have been selling property in your area for a decent amount of time, and they know the market. They know recent sales of comparable properties. And they know the community.  If you can find a property specialist who is LOVED in the area – this is rare – and grab hold of them as soon as you can.  P.S.  They love us here! Sandersons are sponsors and supporters of the Tutukaka community in loads of ways! Ask us how.



Technology moves fast. Make sure your agent is on top of  the current market systems and trends in both reporting and research processes.

There are sophisticated systems and programmes in real estate which require regular up-skilling and training to ensure that your agent has at their hands, the latest in high tech offerings to take your property to the market locally, nationally and internationally at the best standard possible. At Sandersons, we’re all over that stuff! We’re targeted. We have the WOW factor. And most importantly, we get results. (The ones you actually want.)



Your happiness about the process and result of your real estate transaction is more important than anything.

Embarking on real estate journey with an agent is an intimate relationship and you should feel that you are free to change agents if you are unhappy.

At Sandersons, we guarantee that if you are unhappy with our services in any way, shape or form, we have open ears and want you to tell us! Give us a chance to remedy any issues, we will always try to please… and if all fails (which to date, is never has) and you want out, you may cancel the agreement in writing effective immediately and you are on your way! Not sure where…  but we wish you well all the same.



You will get the same commitment from your agent, that you give to them.

No one likes anything to be half-hearted. Selling a home, contrary to some people’s beliefs, is a time consuming and challenging job! Vendors and buyers all have their own personalities and life situation issues which tend to come along with the sales process. Your agent needs to be a seasoned professional and have empathy for all situation and types of people. They need to be willing to work in with other agents that approach them with potential buyers. And they also need to be a bloody good marketer and negotiator. All of this bundles up to be a special type of person who can offer you this.

Premium service is what you get at Sandersons.  If you give us your full faith and commitment, we can give you our full attention and time. We work with all other agents so that you will never miss out of a buyer – but going SOLE AGENCY rather than GENERAL means you have one point of contact and one strong place of negotiation making your real estate journey smoother and most likely more successful when it comes to the sale outcome and price.



If you REALLY want to sell your house successfully… LIST EXCLUSIVELY WITH SANDERSONS.

We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that we offer the best personal service and commitment in the market. We have a great profile with massive impact and quite simply – we’re the coolest agents out there!
List with us and not only will you have a successful real estate journey but you will also have fun. Stress is one of the biggest negative impacting factors of real estate transactions. However, if the systems are good (which ours are) and the process is followed (which we do) this awful factor can be eliminated. Enjoy your journey! Celebrate the time you had with this property and say See You Later!

At Sandersons we don’t believe in stress. We just believe in success! Call us today. We are ready to work smart, push hard and sell for you.